Preventative Maintenance

Espresso machine, coffee brewers, and grinders are all complex pieces of equipment that involves many parts that must operate in harmony in order to produce great tasting coffee. Being proactive and keeping your machines well maintained, even when they’re operating normally, is necessary to prevent equipment failures. That’s why we’ve developed a top of the line Preventative Maintenance package, designed to keep your machines in ideal shape.

Coffee Equipment Preventative Maintenance Package

Our 50+ point Coffee Equipment Preventative Maintenance service is designed for coffee bars that make both espresso and batch brewed coffee, and includes:

Espresso Machine

  • Replace Grouphead Gaskets and Screen
  • Inspect Portafilters and Baskets
  • Inspect Espresso Machine for Water & Steam Leaks
  • Inspect Pump and Steam Pressure
  • Inspect Vacuum Breaker and Pressure Release Valve
  • Inspect Drain Hose
  • Full Clean of All Espresso Grinders
  • Inspect Burr Blades for Sharpness
  • Dialing in Espresso

Batch Brewers

  • Clean Spray Head
  • Inspect Calibration of Water Flow (Coffee, and Iced Tea Brewers)
  • Inspect Integrity of Coffee Servers (Coffee, and Iced Tea Brewers)
  • Inspect Hot Water Faucet
  • Test Water Feed
  • Brew & Taste Coffee
  • Inspect & Calibrate Grinder
  • Inspect Throw Weight Portioner
  • Inspect Burr Blades for Sharpness

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